UX and Design Limericks

Though we like our assistant of choice,
of interface hearing our voice,
Siri’s good with the facts,
Echo shuffles your tracks,
But they’ll never interpret James Joyce.

Further reading: The limits of intelligent personal assistants

– – –

Flat Design was starting to stick,
Skeuomorphism disappeared quick,
Button, Link, text and Frame,
Well they all looked the same,
So nobody knew where to click.

– – –

A designer made everything Flat,
So this widget looked just like that,
Under those circumstances,
with no affordances*,
The users all wept where they sat.

(*or more accurately, signifiers.)
Further reading: Flat Design: Its Origins, Its Problems, and Why Flat 2.0 Is Better for Users

– – –

When in an autonomous car,
Even if you’re not travelling far,
If it’s not driving alone,
Don’t answer that phone,
It’s as risky as having a jar.

Further reading: Mobiles ‘worse than drink-driving’

– – –

Using Waterfall to estimate spend,
and to know when the project should end,
Will cause consternation,
With no iteration,
and requirements you cannot amend.

Further reading: Problems with the Waterfall Model

– – –

A firm using Agile and Lean,
Built an app most aesthetic and clean,
But with no user testing,
The team was just guessing,
The end product was rather obscene.

– – –

The boss wanted products with sex,
The designers all stuck out their necks,
But they didn’t ask users,
So they were the choosers,
That’s fine – but don’t call it UX.

Further reading: UX Without User Research Is Not UX

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