Interaction Design Studio

We work with digital business owners to create great user experiences to improve efficiency, increase conversions and delight your customers. We work with amazing clients on projects such as Sky Internet TV, the British Gas HIVE app and partner with the top UK digital agencies and software development companies. Our lean setup allows us to bridge the gap between contractors and full service agencies without the associated cost of recruitment fees.

We specialize in mobile UX; apps; retail sites; information and data visualization; dashboards; internet TV; connected devices aka the internet of things including physical devices, enterprise software and intranets in the finance sector.

Derm McNally MSc is principal consultant with more than 20 years experience of software development, usability and design.



When somebody asks what you do, some jobs are easier to describe than others. Consider “I sell cupcakes with pictures of animals” compared to “I sell pneumatic adaptors, fittings and couplings to automotive manufacturers.” If you can’t explain what you do to the two Bobs from Office Space you could be out of a job. So what does a User Experience (UX) person do?

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The Two Bobs